Advances in MEMS/NEMS Technologies – From Sensors, Energy Harvesters to Nanophotonics

In the past few years, we have witnessed the significant progress in semiconductor technology. Under the More-than-Moore technology trend, the advanced semiconductor fabrication technology has driven the MEMS sensors into the nano-scale. Thus piezoresistive silicon nanowires fabricated by top-down process have been developed for diversified sensor applications in inter-of-things (IoT) and wearable/implantable electronics for healthcare and biomedical applications. The energy harvesting technology is crucial to realize self-sustained sensor nodes in IoT and wearable healthcare applications. Micro/nano-scale energy harvesting technology is highlighted in this talk. Nanophotonics and metamaterials in Mid IR and THz region show attractive applications as well. With the spirit of More-than-Moore, new domain technologies not only enable new features in IoT devices and wearable electronics, but also lead to integrated smart microsystems in future.